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On the ergodic performance of a simple closed-loop spatial multiplexing architecture

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Dahlhaus, D.; Hunziker, T.; Edlich, T.
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Information Theory and Its Applications, 2008. ISITA 2008. International Symposium on

array signal processing, Array signal processing, channel capacity, Channel capacity, channel coding, channel state information, Channel state information, closed-loop spatial multiplexing architecture, closed loop systems, decoding, Decoding, ergodic MIMO channel capacity, Feedback, Interference cancellation, linear array signal processing, low-rate feedback channel, Markov chain, Markov processes, MIMO, MIMO communication, multiple-input multiple-output system, Noise cancellation, off-the-shelf SISO encoder/decoder, Rayleigh channels, reverse noise power propagation, signal reconstruction, space division multiplexing, Transmitters, uncorrelated Rayleigh fading channel

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