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University Governance in (Post-)Conflict Southern Sudan 2005-2011: The Nexus of Islamism, New Public Management and Neopatrimonialism

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Babyesiza, A.
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Organization & Public Management

Few studies have looked into the governance of universities in societies affected by armed conflicts, because they are either meant for practitioners or focused on the role of universities for peace and development. Akiiki Babyesiza offers an in-depth analysis of the relationship between state, higher education, and society in a multicultural and multi-religious post-conflict setting and uses empirical data to question university governance concepts. She explores the role that civil wars played in university development and governance in Sudan with a particular focus on Southern Sudan after the peace agreement of 2005 and before its secession in 2011. Contents The History of Education, Identity, and Conflict in Sudan Universities in Southern Sudan Actors in Higher Education University Governance in Sudan Target Groups Researchers and students in the field of social sciences with a focus on African studies, sociology of development, and higher education research Practitioners in the field of university cooperation with developing countries The Author Akiiki Babyesiza is a postdoctoral researcher at the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS) at the University of Bayreuth, funded by the Excellence Initiative, where she is responsible for developing the research area ``Higher Education and Society in Africa''.


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