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La conducción de las instituciones de educación superior frente a la ``tercera misión de la universidad'': visiones globales, miradas locales: (The Leadership of Rectors in Universities' "Third Mission": Global Visions, Local Views)

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Badillo Vega, R.; Buendía-Espinosa, A.; Krücken, G.
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Revista Mexicana de Investigación Educativa
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One of the transformations in higher education is associated with the interactionsof its institutions with other types of organizations in the public, private, and socialsectors. A branch of research rarely addressed is the study of the leadership of univer-sity presidents as relevant actors in the academic and administrative management ofhigher education institutions. This article analyzes the relation between research onthe ``third mission'' in innovative universities, and research dedicated to the analysis ofuniversity presidents' leadership styles. We turn to psychology in the study of behaviorand to the sociology of organizations to propose an ideal type of leadership to steerhigher education institutions, contrasting this leadership with the reality of Mexico'spublic universities LIDERAZGO DE LOS RECTORES FRENTE A LA ``TERCERA MISIÓN'' DE LA UNIVERSIDAD: Visiones globales, miradas locales. (PDF Download Available). Available from:{\_}LIDERAZGO{\_}DE{\_}LOS{\_}RECTORES{\_}FRENTE{\_}A{\_}LA{\_}TERCERA{\_}MISION{\_}DE{\_}LA{\_}UNIVERSIDAD{\_}Visiones{\_}globales{\_}miradas{\_}locales [accessed Feb 23, 2016].

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