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Professionelle Urteilsbildung in der Sozialen Arbeit. Übersicht zur Forschung über den Vollzug und die Herstellung professioneller Urteile

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Bastian, P.; Schrödter, M.
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Soziale Passagen
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Judgement is a key mode of professional social work. Professionals are only capable of acting by assessing situations and making predictions to come to a decision about their actions despite of unclear information and insufficient resourc es. But there is little knowledge about how professionals achieve this task in daily practice. In decision making research there are theories that base on the idea of an ideal judgement. From this point of view they show professionals biases in their daily work. The article systemizes the actual state of knowledge about how professionals come to their decisions in a practice characterized by paradox demands and contingent conditions using the example of child protection. Furthermore there are related research gaps shown and the benefit of an ethnomethodological approach.

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