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Einflüsse von Verhaltensreaktionen von Milchkühen gegenüber dem Menschen

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Ebinghaus, A.; Ivemeyer, S.; Knierim, U.
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Aktuelle Arbeiten zur artgemäßen Tierhaltung 2017
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KTBL-Schrift 513


To identify influences on cows´ responsiveness
towards humans in different test situations in the barn (avoidances distances, tolerance
to tactile interaction, release behaviour and QBA) and in the milking parlour
(stepping and kicking), data were recorded on a total of 23 dairy farms.
Regarding potential influencing factors, tactile and acoustic interactions of
the milker with the cows during milking, stockpersons´ attitudes towards cows,
data on management, herd, and human-animal contact were recorded. Based on
univariable pre-selection of factors, multiple regressions were conducted for
the dependent variables of cows´ behaviour. It was shown that stockpersons with
a positive attitude significantly – and stronger than with their behaviour
during milking – contributed to more quiet behaviour of cows in the different
situations in the barn. However, in the milking parlour less stepping was
unexpectedly related to a stronger agreement on punishing behaviour. Different
management factors, such as contact intensity with dry cows, average daily milk
yield or manual concentrate provision, were also significantly related to cow
behaviour in the barn. An unexpected management factor predicting less stepping
was concentrate provision during milking. Regarding cows´ kicking behaviour,
the type of milking parlour remained significant in the model only.

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