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investigations on ageing of hollow microsphere filled silicone gel under electric field stress

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Austermühl, A.; Wels, S.; Claudi, A.
University of West Bohemia, Pilsen
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19th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering

The increasing requirements in MV- and HV- technologies necessitate new and improved insulation materials. Silicone gel filled with hollow microsphere (HMS) is such a novel isolation material. The gas-filled polymeric microspheres were incorporated into a silicone gel matrix. The structure of the resulting material is similar to foam. To use HMS filled silicone gels in medium and high voltage components it is necessary to have a comprehensive and a consolidated knowledge of their electrical properties. Especially the ageing performance during electrical stress is important. In this investigation an economically test has been executed to get knowledge about the electrical ageing performance of silicone gel filled with HMS. To investigate the ageing performance of these materials a life characteristic is needed. At first the electrical short term strength was investigated, it was used as starting point on the liftime curve. To age the specimens, an operating field strength was elected, which corresponds to the field strength in practice. The lifetime of typical applications is designed for about 40 years. In the present investigation the specimens have been tested under electrical stress for about 2.8years.

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