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Der Status der Wildkatze in der Stadt und im Landkreis Kassel

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Lang, J.; Godt, J.; Bitsch, S.; Hellmuth, J.; Simon, O.; Arend, T.; Gruber, J.
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In the state of Hesse two nationally important wild cat populations exist in the Taunus mountains and in the mountainous region in the north-eastern part of the state. During the last few years several new locations where wild cats occur have been discovered including the Kellerwald and regions of the Rothaargebirge. The status of the wild cat population in the region around Kassel outside the Reinhardswald was unclear. In the winter of 2008/09 the BUND Kassel together with the Univerity of Kassel, the Institute for Animal Ecology and Nature Education and the Wolfhagen forestry commission offi ce conducted a study using hair traps and DNA analysis. At least fi ve different wild cats were found in different forest patches. The relevance of these findings for the contact between wild cat populations in Hesse and the legal effect for the protection of the species are discussed.

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