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Modellierung der Trinkwassernutzung bei globalen Umweltveränderungen: erste Schritte

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Ernst, A.
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MODELING OF FRESH WATER USE UNDER CONDITIONS OF GLOBAL CHANGE - FIRST STEPS Water is the basis of all life on earth. However, it receives relatively little attention as an environmental problem, though the water cycle will be strongly affected by global environmental changes. Man uses water in many ways, redirects it, and pollutes it. Water is also at the origin of a number of resource allocation conflicts. In this paper, first, some facts on our water use behaviour and its peculiarities are reported. Then, water conflicts and aspects of risk perception and risk evaluation as well as the role of acceptance of water related measures are discussed. The structures of the observed conflicts can be fruitfully described as commons dilemmas. In a second part of the paper, an integrated research project (i.e. one that is jointly carried through by natural and social scientists) will be presented. Its task is to computer simulate the water cycle of a whole river catchment together with the human activities in it. Scenarios shall help recognising possible future developments and responding adequately to them.

Computermodellierung, Globaler Wandel, interdisziplinärer Zugang, Ressourcennutzung, Risikowahrnehmung, Wasser


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