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High-resolution photoemission study of long-lived d-holes in Ag

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Gerlach, A.; Berge, K.; Michalke, T.; Goldmann, A.
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Surface Science
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We present a high-resolution study of photoemission line widths observed at Ag(110). A careful data analysis yields k-resolved hole lifetimes tau(h) of d-holes at the X-point of the bulk band structure. At the upper d-band edge we derive tau(h) greater than or equal to 22 fs, i.e. more than one order of magnitude larger than predicted for a free-electron gas. In agreement with recent ab initio calculations for d-hole dynamics in Ag we interpret this lifetime enhancement by a small scattering cross-section of d-holes with sp-states below the Fermi level E-F. With increasing distance to EF the d-hole lifetimes get rapidly shorter because of the increasing density of d-states and corresponding contributions of intra-d-band scattering processes. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

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