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BoP and Entrepreneurship: The Intersection of Two Research Paths

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Zulauf, K.; Brockhaus, D.; Schuster, O.; Raab, K.; Ürkmez, T.; Keul, M.; Wagner, R.
Dameri Renata Paola; Beltrametti, Luca
Academic Conferences and Publishing International
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Reading, UK
Proceedings of the 10th European Conferences in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship and the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) have been productive research streams over the last few years. This study provides a systematic review of publications at the intersection paths to outline the current state of both research paths to outline the current state of research as well as its gaps in literature. Based on a set of rigorously selected articles published in high impact journals we aim to identify and elaborate on conceptual frameworks used in contemporary research. Moreover, we challenge their empirical foundations and systematically identify the gaps by considering conceptual and empirical contributions. With our analysis, we reveal patterns in research designs in 8 entrepreneurial categories, 18 BoP-related business domain categories, 27 marketing and business relations-orientated categories, and 7 innovation-related categories. We have restricted our analysis to contributions which adopted the opportunity definition, recognition and exploitation framework of Shane and Venkataraman (2000) and to the articles which have been published in journals indexed by the Web of Science. Subsequently, we defined a set of 12 articles evaluated by three independent raters. Supplementing the content analysis, we conducted a bibliographic study of all references cited or quoted in studies under consideration in order to summarize common thoughts and concepts in this research. A citation graph enables the identification of path dependencies in the studies as well as an assessment of the relevance of the studies in our research domain and their theoretical foundations. Applying this method, we uncover results in promising areas for both conceptual and empirical research. Our results cast doubt on the current use of established concepts (e.g., marketing, communication, entrepreneurship) related to the validity of their assumptions in BoP-markets. Additionally, the institutional environment needs to be included in future research. However, in large parts of the empirical work qualitative case studies are presented. Quantitative studies also need to complement these findings in order to understand the impact and consequences of entrepreneurial activities.

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