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Colloidal domain lithography in multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy: an experimental study and micromagnetic simulations

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Kuswik, P.; Sveklo, I.; Szymanski, B.; Urbaniak, M.; Stobiecki, F.; Ehresmann, A.; Engel, D.; Mazalski, P.; Maziewski, A.; Jagielski, J.
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Currently, much attention is being paid to patterned multilayer systems in which there exists a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, because of their potential applications in spintronics devices and in a new generation of magnetic storage media. To further improve their performance, different patterning techniques can be used, which render them suitable also for other applications. Here we show that He+ 10keV and Ar+ 100keV ion bombardment of (Ni80Fe20-2nm/Au-2 nm/Co-0.6 nm/Au-2 nm)10 multilayers through colloidal mask enables magnetic patterning of regularly arranged cylindrical magnetic domains, with perpendicular anisotropy, embedded in a non-ferromagnetic matrix or in a ferromagnetic matrix with magnetization oriented along the normal. These domains form an almost perfect two-dimensional hexagonal lattice with a submicron period and a large correlation length in a continuous and flat multilayer system. The magnetic anisotropy of these artificial domains remains unaffected by the magnetic patterning process, however the magnetization configuration of such a system depends on the magnetic properties of the matrix. The micromagnetic simulations were used to explain some of the features of the investigated patterned structures.

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