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Agitation behaviour and heart rate of dairy cows with and without calf-contact during different stimuli in the parlour

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Zipp, K.; Knierim, U.; Barth, K.
Rahmann, G., Aksoy, U.
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Istanbul, Turkey
Building organic bridges

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Three stimuli were tested to overcome problems in milk let-down in dairy cows with calf-contact. In this contribution, the effect of these stimuli during milking, on heart rate (HR) and agitation (rumination, posture of the head and behaviour during udder preparation) are presented. Olfactory (calf hair), tactile (teat massage) and acoustic (recorded calf calls) stimulation were tested on 15 dairy cows with permanent calf-contact and 22 control cows. Rumination and posture of the head were not influenced by any factor. Agitation and HR in the parlour were not affected by calf-contact. Acoustic stimulation had a decreasing effect on HR in German Holstein independent from calf-contact. German Red Pied showed more agitation behaviour and a higher HR during udder preparation compared to the German Holsteins. Heifers showed more agitation during udder preparation than pluriparous cows. The results did not indicate higher stress reactions in the parlour of dairy cows with calf-contact.

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