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The study of the fifth ¹Σ⁺u state (5pσ) of H₂: Transition probabilities from the ground state, natural line widths and predissociation yields

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Glass-Maujean, M.; Klumpp, S.; Werner, L.; Ehresmann, A.; Schmoranzer, H.
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Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
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The full vibrational progression of the 5pσ 1Σ+u state of H2 was identified in a high-resolution absorption measurement. More than 40 new lines have been assigned in the spectrum. The transition probabilities, the widths and the dissociation yields for rovibronic lines with J″=0...3 of the various absorption bands of the fifth (5pσ) 1Σ+u state out of the X1Σ+g v″=0 ground state were measured over the complete vibrational progression. Predissociation was found to be an efficient de-excitation channel for these levels. The predissociation yields and the dissociation widths were measured for nearly the complete vibrational progression. Resonances of the 5pσ1Σ+u state in the H(n=3) + H(1s) continuum were observed for the first time. Calculations show that they are located behind a large potential barrier. The comparison between the absolute values of these transition probabilities with the calculated values demonstrates clearly the importance of non-adiabatic couplings ignored in the calculations.

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