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Qualitätssicherung in der ökologischen Schweinemast

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Ebke, M.; Sundrum, A.
Heß, J.; Rahmann, G.
kassel university press GmbH
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Ende der Nische, Beiträge zur 8. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau

In order to estimate animal health status and product quality in organic pig production a survey was carried out on 21 farms. Implementation of farm management and hygiene measures was assessed by using a concept based on critical control points (CCP). Animal health status was estimated by examinations of the carcass at the abattoir, taking nearly 50,000 pigs into account of which 4132 pigs derived from the assessed organic pig farms. One of the main pathological findings were ?milk spots? in the liver and lung diseases. Spot sampling of blood analysed for antibodies versus mycoplasma and salmonella revealed that most of the animals had contact to the pathogen agents. Carcass quality rated in the EUROP-System was lower in organic compared to conventional farms; mean intramuscular fat content and pH1 showed no preference for organic pork. The results indicate that most of the assessed organic pig farms did not met the high demands in relation to animal health and quality assurance. Insufficient feedback by the way of the market price and missing health and quality control schemes are jointly responsible for existing deficits and offer the options to improve the current situation.


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