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Legehennen in einem mobilen Stallsystem - Auslaufnutzung und Flächenzustand

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Fürmetz, A.; Keppler, C.; Knierim, U.; Deerberg, F.; Heß, J.
Heß, J.; Rahmann, G.
kassel university press GmbH
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Ende der Nische, Beiträge zur 8. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau

The use of the free-range area by laying hens housed in a mobile system and the resulting condition of the range were investigated. The free-range was used very intensively. On an average of nine complete observation days 35 {\%} of the birds (23 ? 44 {\%} means per day) were outside the house. The maximum of animals in the free range was 77 {\%}. 75 {\%} (60 ? 95 {\%}) of the hens outside the house stayed in an area of 20 m around the house. This led to deteriorated conditions of the range in these areas. By moving the mobile house regularly (after 2 weeks in summer and 6 weeks in winter) a destruction of the vegetation could be avoided, while after not moving the house for three months in winter a complementary seeding became necessary. We conclude that the use of mobile systems for poultry in conjunction with a regular change of position and sufficient area per animal can avoid destruction of the vegetation despite an intensive use of the free-range all year round.

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