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Development of strategies to improve quality and safety and reduce cost of production in organic and low input livestock production systems

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Spoolder, H.; Maurer, V.; Sundrum, A.
Niggli, Urs; Leifert, Carlo; Alföldi, Thomas; Lück, Lorna; Willer, Helga
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Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress of the European Integrated Project Quality Low Input Food (QLIF). Improving Sustainability in Organic and Low Input Food Production Systems.

The demand for organic livestock products is still increasing. To support this growth and to help remove potential obstacles the fourth Subproject of QLIF addresses several themes related to livestock farming. In this overview paper the main results to date are presented. It briefly discusses progress made on preventative treatments against pig and poultry parasites, as well as the reduction of rodent burdens on farm. The activities on probiotics and nutribiotics experiments are listed, as are studies undertaken to improve the meat quality of pigs through different protein sources and diet composition. Finally, work is being presented aiming to reduce the incidence of mastitis, and the reduction of faecal shedding of pathogens in cattle. The overview concludes that much work has been done, but that the main task of increasing competitiveness of the organic and low-input livestock sector through the implementation of our knowledge, still lies ahead of us.


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