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Datenbanksystem zur Bestandesbetreuung von Milchviehherden mit Schwerpunkt Eutergesundheit

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Ivemeyer, S.; Raillard, D.; Heil, F.; Klocke, P.
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Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde
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Integrated herd health management is an effective method to improve animal health as mastitis and fertility disorders in dairy herds. For optimizing the costs and work load for the herd health management, it is necessary to have a data tool that enables a quick and comfortable data handling and provides practicable handouts for extension. The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Switzerland (FiBL) has developed such a database-system for the animal health management project {\grqq}pro-Q''. Objective of this database is to combine external available and on-farm collected data and to provide routine tools on herd and cow level (incl. udder quarter level) for farmers, veterinarians and advisers. These tools should give a comprehensive overview over the animal health situation of the herd and the single animal level. Furthermore, the database presented in this article, meets the requirements of a multi-user system with remote-access which enables different instances to gain the requested information.

advising, Beratung, database, Datenbank, Eutergesundheit, integrated herd health management, integrierte tierärztliche Bestandesbetreuung, mastitis, Mastitis, udder health


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