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Preparation of sulfur-containing polymeric proton conducting materials.

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Pietschnig, R.
Rubitec-Gesellschaft fuer Innovation und Technologie der Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum m.b.H., Germany .
20 pp.-
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PCT Int. Appl.
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20 pp.

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A proton conductive material is prepd. by reacting a sulfur dihalogenide with a suspension contg. an excess of an alkali or alk. earth acetylide in an org. solvent, followed by polymn. with water or a polyalc., such as o-,m-, or p-dihydroxybenzene, glycol, or glycerin at < 193 K. The proton conductive material is filtered off from the reaction mixt. The sulfur dihalogenide can be SF2, S2F2, S2Cl2, SBr2, S2Br2, or preferably SCl2. The acetylide can be Na2C2, CaC2, or preferably Li2C2. The prepd. material can be used as a solid electrolyte in electrochem. cells, esp. fuel cells, electrolytic cells or sensors or as a dielec. in capacitors. [on SciFinder(R)]

fuel cell membrane dielec capacitor polymer sulfur proton cond, proton cond polymer sulfur dihalogenide acetylide polythioether solid electrolyte

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