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Connecting Personality Structure and Dynamics: Towards a More Evidence-Based and Clinically Useful Diagnostic Scheme

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Hopwood, C.; Zimmermann, J.; Pincus, A.; Krueger, R.
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Journal of personality disorders
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The purpose of this special issue of the Journal of Personality Disorders is to promote the integration of personality structure and dynamics towards more evidence-based and clinically useful conceptualizations of personality pathology. In this article, we describe a contemporary model of personality structure that is useful for distinguishing patients from one another and the connections between this structure and within-person dynamics that occur across different levels of an individual personality, across situations, and within situations. In so doing, we connect the personality trait tradition that has tended to emphasize stable individual differences with traditions that have tended to focus on the more dynamic aspects of interpersonal behavior and emotional experience. We then introduce the empirical articles in this special issue within this integrative context, in order to demonstrate the value in connecting personality structure to dynamics for research and practice.

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