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Person-Centered Simulation of Product Development Processes Using Timed Stochastic Coloured Petri Nets

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Licht, T.; Dohmen, L.; Schmitz, P.; Schmidt, L.; Luczak, H.
Bobeanu, C.
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188-195 *** Best Paper Award ***
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Proceedings of the European Simulation and Modelling Conference (Paris 2004)

Results of recent studies in the field of automative industry affirm that productivity of product development departments provides room for tremendous improvements. Particularly work organization offers great potential in that respect. Simulation has proven to be an adequate technique to reveal potential for improving work organization e.g. in production planning or logistics. Existing simulation approaches for product development processes however, are still lacking in maturty and therefor not in practical use yet. In this paper an executable simulation model is presented which goes beyond existing approaches enabling modeling and simulation of product development processes with respect to aspects of time, costs and quality. The simulation model consists of five generic partial models which have been integrated into a consistent overall modell: 1) model of products to be developed, 2) model of persons involved, 3) model of tools, 4) model of organizational structure and 5) model of product development projects. The model was formally described by Timed Stochastic Coloured Petri Nets. Furthermore the model has been implemented with a standard simulation software. As first results selected data from verification tests as well as from validation by means of an empirical case study are presented.


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