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Knowledge Representation for Engineering Design Based on a Cognitive Model

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Schmidt, L.; Luczak, H.
Human Factors and Ergonomic Society
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Santa Monica
Proceedings of the 14th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association and the 44th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (San Diego 2000)

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For the computer-support of knowledge-based human information processing, it is necessary to look at the representation of the information as well as designing an appropriate interface considering the ergonomics of human-computer interaction. Related to the established methodology for the design of technical systems, the cognitive model of an abstraction hierarchy was used as a framework for a task-appropriate knowledge representation in every phase of the design process. Based on a design task from the field of mechanical engineering, this concept was implemented as a software prototype. In an empirical study the practical applicability and usefulness of this concept was investigated. Trajectories of design problem solving were recorded and analyzed.

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