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Useful Knowledge Representations for Computer Supported Engineering Design

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Schmidt, L.; Luczak, H.
Khalid, H.M.; Yong, L.T.; Kion, L.N.
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
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346-353 *** Best Paper Award ***
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Proceedings of the 7th Southeast Asian Ergonomics and 4th Malaysian Ergonomics Conference (Kuching 2003)

The focus of this contribution is on how to structure and represent engineering design knowledge for the design engineer's cognitive tasks, corresponding to an intuitive way of thinking as well as to conscious systematic design methods without limiting human problem solving. To derive detailed requirements on a useful knowledge representation for computer-aided engineering design, generalized operations of human problem solving and information processing can be specified for design problem solving. In an analytical research approach, eight main models of knowledge representation were compared concerning their utility to support human problem solving in engineering design. According to the results of this analysis, an example application is illustrated.


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