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Model-based Design of Mobile Work Systems

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Schmidt, L.; Luczak, H.
Andriessen, J. H. E.; Vartiainen, M.
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Mobile Virtual Work: A New Paradigm?

The fast development in the area of information and communication technology and especially in broadband internet access and mobile computing has changed the established ways of communication, learning, entertainment and work in professional and private lives. Undoubtedly, mobile devices, network applications and services offer a wide range of new possibilities. But besides technological feasibility it is not always clear what features are really essential, useful or handy for a particular person in a particular work context. Therefore, to create mobile work systems that enable efficient and effective work in a new way or improve current work processes, it is necessary not only to focus on technology, but to look at the users, their qualifications and tasks, as well as to include aspects of work organisation in an integrative approach. Especially in the area of mobile work applications, the time to market and the half-life period of products gets shorter and constantly new versions of products are launched. Accordingly, the time frame for design phases decreases, calling for an efficient and reliable design process. Hence, to meet these challenges a structured and model-based framework has been developed that includes a human-centred and task-oriented design approach. It is supposed to help mobile work systems' designers to think about what is required for particular work context in terms of technology, organisation and personnel. Against the background of trends in mobile work, this framework is presented in this chapter and illustrated by a case study to exemplify the proposed design process.


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