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Characterization of Anisotropic Properties of Hot Compacted Self-Reinforced Composites (SRCs) via Thermal Diffusivity Measurement

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Jakob, F.; Mieth, F.; Heim, H.; Marten, S.
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International Polymer Processing (IPP)
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The mechanical properties of self-reinforced composites (SRCs) produced in a hot compaction process significantly depend on the process parameters. Only a little deviation of the process temperature or pressure causes the component to act differently under mechanical load. This is a chance and a challenge at the same time, since this process is difficult to handle but by properly controlling the process parameters, the mechanical properties can be adjusted, even locally for one component. In this research SRC are manufactured in a hot compaction process. A correlation between process parameters and density is found. Density increased from 0,8 to 0,91 g/cm3 by increasing temperature and pressure in the hot compaction process. The different thermal properties in the direction of orientation (IP) and transverse to orientation (TP) are measured with a laser flash device. It was found that, due to a change in density and molecular orientation, diffusivity and conductivity are influenced in different degrees in IP and TP directions. For interpretation of thermal measurement results, microstructures are analysed with a confocal laser scanning microscope after preparing the specimen with a permanganate etching. A schematic model of conductive path is worked out and discussed. With measurement data the anisotropy of IP and TP diffusivity is calculated, and a model is built to describe relative density related to anisotropy. The highest anisotropy between IP and TP diffusivity was calculated with a ratio of 6 at a relative density of approximately 0,82 g/cm3. Since mechanical properties in correlation to process parameters have already been investigated, results of this investigation, in combination with previous research on mechanical properties, will enable the development of a non-destructive testing method for SRCs by measuring the thermal diffusivity.


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