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Knowledge Transfer: Affected by Organisational Culture?

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Weissenberger-Eibl, M.; Spieth, P.
Know-Center and Graz University of Technology
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Knowledge Transfer: Affected by Organisational Culture?


This paper discusses cultural constraints in transferring knowledge. In international companies or cooperation at least two different organisational cultures face each other. Organisational cultures are often driven by the national context, in which the company operates basically. In order to gain and sustain competitive advantages in a globalised competition, companies aim at transferring market knowledge and expertise in the presence of organisational and national cultural barriers. In doing so, managers have to consider the political-legal, the economical and the socio-cultural framework (cp. Welge/Holtbrügge 2003). Recent studies indicate that companies do not consider cultural constraints in an appropriate manner, while doing international business (cp. Elenkov et al. 2005, Demorgon 2004, Poech 2002, Schmid 1996, Schmidt-Dorrenbach 1991, Stadler 2004, Welge/Holtbrügge 2003). This paper discusses the transfer of knowledge and explores its affection by organisational culture. Finally, methods and recommended actions for improving the transfer of knowledge through cultural boundaries will be given. 

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