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NH3 Volatilization, N2O Emission and Microbial Biomass Turnover from 15N-Labeled Manure Under Laboratory Conditions

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Ingold, M.; Khanal, G.; Dyckmans, J.; Wachendorf, C.; Buerkert, A.

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On irrigated agricultural soils from semi-arid and arid regions, ammonia (NH3) volatilization and nitrous oxide (N2O) emission can be a considerable source of N losses. This study was designed to test the capture of N-15 loss as NH3 and N2O from previous and recent manure application using a sandy, calcareous soil from Oman amended one or two times with N-15 labeled manure to elucidate microbial turnover processes under laboratory conditions. The system allowed to detect N-15 enrichments in evolved N2O-N and NH3-N of up to 17{\%} and 9{\%}, respectively, and total N, K2SO4 extractable N and microbial N pools from previous and recent N-15 labeled manure applications of up to 7{\%}, 8{\%}, and 15{\%}. One time manured soil had higher cumulative N2O-N emissions (141 mu g kg(-1)) than repeatedly manured soil with 43 mu g kg(-1) of which only 22{\%} derived from recent manure application indicating a priming effect.

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