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Estimating Process Duration and Safeguard Project Planning in a one-of-a-kind Production Environment by the use of Simulation Techniques

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Kusturica, W.; Laroque, C.; Gliem, D.; Stolipin, J.; Wenzel, S.
Rabe, M.; Juan, A.A.; Mustafee, N.; Skoogh, A.; Jain, S.; Johansson, B.
Gothenburg, Sweden
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Proceedings of the 2018 Winter Simulation Conference


Customized engineering and the build-up of
unique products are complex tasks, where project management contains lots of
uncertainties. Simulation techniques could help to evaluate and achieve
improved and more robust plans during project management, but are typically not
applied in industry, especially at SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).
This paper covers some ideas of the joint research project SimCast of the
Universities of Kassel and the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau. It aims
at the development of a method for duration estimation of a project task during
project planning. Based on the researched state-of-the-art, requirements and a
planning process are described as well as a draft of the current technical
infrastructure of the intended modular prototype. First plug-ins are
implemented and already show possible benefits for the project management
process. The paper describes possible scenarios for the use of simulation
techniques in this setting, based on gained experience.

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