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Circular Dichroism in Fluorescence Emission Following the C 1s→π* Excitation and Resonant Auger Decay of Carbon Monoxide

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Pitzer, M.; Schmidt, P.; Ozga, C.; Hans, A.; Reiß, P.; Petrov, I.; Artemyev, A.; Ehresmann, A.; Knie, A.; Demekhin, P.
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Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)
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Dichroism in angle-resolved spectra of circularly polarized fluorescence from freely-rotating CO molecules was studied experimentally and theoretically. For this purpose, carbon monoxide in the gas phase was exposed to circularly polarized soft X-ray synchrotron radiation. The photon energy was tuned across the C 1s{&}rarr;{&}pi;* resonant excitation, which decayed via the participator Auger transition into the CO$^+$ A $^2${&}Pi; state. The dichroic parameter {&}beta;1 of the subsequent CO$^+$ (A $^2${&}Pi; {&}rarr; X $^2${&}Sigma;$^+$) visible fluorescence was measured by photon-induced fluorescence spectroscopy. Present experimental results are explained with the ab initio electronic structure and dynamics calculations performed by the single center method. Our results confirm the possibility to perform partial wave analysis of the emitted photoelectrons in closed-shell molecules.

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