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Symposium on Breeding for Diversification: A Joint Meeting of the EUCARPIA Section, Organic and Low-Input Agriculture, ECO-PB, LIVESEED, INSUSFAR, DIVERSify, HealthyMinorCereals, ReMIX, and Wheatamix University of Kassel, 19th-21st February 2018, Witzenhausen, Germany

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Bacanovic-Sisic, J.; Dennenmoser, D.; Finckh, M.
Baćanović-{Š}}i{š}}ić, Jelena; Dennenmoser, Dominic; Finckh, MariaR.
Kassel University Press GmbH
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Front cover -- Title -- Imprint -- Contents -- G. Backes, J. P. Baresel, J. Enjalbert, M. R. Finckh, L. P. Ki{~A}¦r, E. Lammerts van Bueren, I. Litrico, M. Messmer: Foreword -- The projects that teamed up for this symposium -- Symposium Program -- Breeding for intra-species diversity -- T1 Trait plasticity and G{~A}—E challenges when breeding for mixture-ideotypes{^a}€“ L. P. Ki{~A}¦r, and N. R. Boesen -- T2 Wheatamix: Increasing within-field wheat diversity to foster the multifunctionality and sustainability of wheat production in the Parisian basin {^a}€“ J. Enjalbert, V. Allard, B. Andrieu, etal. -- T3 Disease resistance of spelt wheat{^a}€”results from the HealthyMinorCereals project {^a}€“ V. Dumalasov{~A}!`, H. Buerstmayr, C. Cuendet, etal. -- T4 INSUSFAR: Innovative approaches to optimise genetic diversity for sustainable farming systems of the future. Inter-specific diversity of wheat for increased resilience and high yields and system specific adaptability {^a}€“ J. P. Baresel, G. Backes, J. Baćanović-Å~iÅ!`ić, etal. -- T5 On-farm management as a tool to maintain diversity and to select superior genotypes {^a}€“ B. Horneburg, M. Ruland, B. Wedemeyer-Kremer, etal. -- P1 Modeling competition for light in wheat mixtures {^a}€“ E. Blanc, L. Thiaville, J. Enjalbert, etal. -- P2 Participatory approaches: Developing blending rules to design locally adapted cultivar mixtures {^a}€“ J. Borg, J. Enjalbert, and A. Gauffreteau -- P3 Network for the dynamic management of winter barely genetic resources {^a}€“ L. B{~A}{ extonequarter}low, M. Nachtigall, and L. Frese -- P4 Estimation of mixing ability for variety mixtures: Statistical models and experimental results {^a}€“ E. Forst, J. Enjalbert, V. Allard, etal. -- P5 Application of molecular markers for plant breeding and variety investigation and diversification {^a}€“ O. Kolesnyk, and A. Venger P6 Genotypic characterisation of spelt (Triticum spelta L.) {^a}€“ V. Kreps, D. Dennenmoser, and G. Backes -- P7 Yield stability of barley mixtures and populations {^a}€“ I. Ločmele, L. Legzdiņa, Z. Gaile, etal. -- P8 Evolutionary-participatory breeding generates wheat populations adapted for organic agriculture in Italy {^a}€“ M. Petitti, R. Bocci, B. Bussi, etal. -- P9 Future proofing decentralised evolutionary wheat populations{^a}€™ seed systems in Italy using a climate analogues approach: The example of Tuscany {^a}€“ M. Petitti, R. Bocci, B. Bussi, etal. -- P10 Mixing susceptible and resistant wheat cultivars with contrasted stem height can reduce progression of disease dispersed by rain-splash {^a}€“ T. Vidal, A. L. Boixel, C. Gigot, etal. -- P11 Management histories of wheat composite cross populations (CCPs) drive yield in two tillage systems {^a}€“ J. H. Schmidt, O. Weedon, and M. R. Finckh -- P12 A participatory approach to breeding for diverse and adapted wheat mixtures on farm {^a}€“ G. van Frank, P. Riviere, and I. Goldringer -- P13 Molecular-genetic polymorphism of glycinin encoding genes in Ukrainian and Serbian soybean varieties {^a}€“ A. Venger, O. Kolesnyk, and N. Volvkova -- P14 Intra-specific diversity of wheat composite cross populations (CCPs) maintains yield in a low input system {^a}€“ O. Weedon, J. H. Schmidt, and M. R. Finckh -- Breeding for inter-species diversity annual crops -- T6 Learning from nature: A below-ground perspective on plant-plant interactions in diverse grassland communities {^a}€“ L. Mommer -- T7 Participatory designing of Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) ideotypes for adaptation to various cropping systems in Benin {^a}€“ M. A. T. Ayenan, and A. Danquah -- T8 Breeding for mixed cropping and Anthracnose resistance of lupins {^a}€“ C. M. Arncken, P. Hohmann, and M. Messmer T9 Breeding for mixtures in organic farming systems: Are the traits of pure wheat cultivars predictive of their behaviour in wheat-pea mixtures? {^a}€“ N. Moutier, C. Fintz, F. Boissinot, etal. -- P15 Minor cereals exhibit superior antioxidative effect in human cancer cell lines compared to common wheat {^a}€“ Y. Akkoc, L. Lyubenova, I. Cakmak, etal. -- P16 Effects of organic and conventional management for five years on early seedling traits of three winter wheat composite cross populations {^a}€“ A. V. Vijaya Bhaskar, A. J{~A}¤kel, J. P. Baresel, etal. -- P17 Overview SRUC related research on breeding for diversity {^a}€“ P. Hoebe, S. Hoad, H. Creissen, etal. -- P18 Assembling rules for the control of Ascochyta blight in winter wheat/pea mixtures {^a}€“ S. Jumel, C. Langrume, A. Moussart, etal. -- P19 Effects of agrobiodiversity on pest control in Vicia faba L. {^a}€“ S. Pappagallo, J. Brandmeier, and C. Scherber -- P20 Winter faba bean as target species in mixed-cropping with winter wheat {^a}€“ D. Siebrecht-Sch{~A}{P}ll , R. Martsch, and W. Link -- P21 Effect on durum wheat and quality parameters of mixed intercropping with faba bean {^a}€“ S. Tavoletti, S. Cocco, and G. Corti -- Breeding for inter-species diversity perennial crops/agroforestry -- T10 Integrating diversification in short food and energy chains {^a}€“ M. S. Wolfe -- T11 Breeding for forage mixtures: Synthesis and prospects from theoretical and empirical approaches {^a}€“ C. Firmat -- T12 Traditional agroforestry systems and options of crop-tree combinations, with focus on conservation of native species {^a}€“ A. L. Cadena-Gonz{~A}!`lez, and T. Butschard -- Documentation of diversity breeding -- T13 Documentation of diversity breeding: The Information system ROBUSTUM {^a}€“ L. B{~A}{ extonequarter}low, S. Unger, and L. Frese -- General concepts for breeding on improved diversity T14 Interspecific competition experiments aimed to define breeding strategies {^a}€“ P. Annicchiarico -- T15 Crop diversity for substainability {^a}€“ J. Weiner -- T16 The relation of intragenotypic, intra- and inter-specific competition and related canopy architecture traits {^a}€“ S. Knapp, M. Parzefall, and J. P. Baresel -- T17 The cropping system matters{^a}€”contrasting responses of winter faba bean genotypes to drought stress {^a}€“ A. Lingner, K. Dittert, and B. Pfeiffer -- T18 HealthyMinorCereals: An integrated approach to diversify the genetic base, improve stress resistance, agronomic management and nutritional/processing qualitiy of minor cereal crops for human nutrition in Europe {^a}€“ D. Janovsk{~A}!`, M. Hutař, V. Chour, etal. -- P22 Marketing of a genetically diverse wheat (ORC Wakelyns population): Lessons learnt and routes forward {^a}€“ C. Bickler, A. Costanzo, and B. Pearce -- P23 High-throughput sorting of coloured wheat grains {^a}€“ S. Knapp, O. Hancer, and E. Tengstrand -- P24 Modulation of three-dimensional structure and research of folding-analoges of AMB A6 allergen of Ambrosia artemisiifolia {^a}€“ A. Venger, O. Kolesnyk, S. Pasternak, etal. -- List of authors -- Acknowledgements -- Back cover

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