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Investigation of Residual Stresses of Hot Plate Welding

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Wübbeke, A.; Schöppner, V.; Geißler, B.; Schmidt, M.; Magnier, A.; Niendorf, T.; Jakob, F.; Heim, H.
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Submitted for publication


Due to the cooling process of the molten material residual stresses appear because of restraint volume dilatation. The morphology in and around the weld is formed by different factors depending on the material and process parameters. Different morphology structures relate to different mechanical properties. The process parameters and the welding results including morphology and residual stress are linked together. In this contribution, the appearing residual stress and the mechanical properties of hot plate welded polypropylene specimen with 0.1 wt.-% content of carbon black are investigated in relation to the occurring morphology. Different measuring positions and joining displacements of parts to be joined result in different residual stress and morphology structures. The higher the joining displacement the higher are the residual stress. Investigations of the morphology show a connection between the size of the alpha spherulites and the joining displacement while diffractions patterns of Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering (WAXS) are not able to detect the beta phase of the specimen.


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