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Self-Reinforced Materials: Manufacturing, Properties and their Potential for Lightweight Composites

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Heim, H.; Rohde, B.
Asian Workshop on Polymer Processing Annual Conference (AWPP)
Kenting, Taiwan
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Self-reinforced thermoplastics have exceptional mechanical properties that surpass the basic properties of the applied polymer many times over due to their highly oriented crystalline structure. Due to that self-reinforced thermoplastics are predestined for lightweight applications. With significantly less composite material, thinner components, compared to the classical injection molding, can be realized. Another advantage of this material concept is the excellent recycling performance as both the matrix and the reinforcing component consist of an identical polymer. Established applications for self-reinforced thermoplastics are, for example, large, heavy-duty bags in textile form or the manufacture of suitcase shells made of self-reinforced composites. The manufacturing of self-reinforced composites by means of layered fabrics takes place in a hot-compaction process involving both temperature and pressure. Using specially developed press tools, a thermo-mechanical process control is possible, causing a process-induced gradation in the components. In this way the adjustment of locally different composite properties, such as the damping or stiffness, is possible. Furthermore, combinations of hot-compaction and classic injection molding are also possible. By integrating these processes, hybrid components can be produced which include local structural and functional elements. The following paper gives an overview of the current contents of the cooperative research project CRC TRR30 – founded by the German Research Foundation – regarding the potential and current applications of self-reinforced thermoplastics. In addition, mechanical properties and morphological observations of graded composite systems will be compared.


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