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An Electrochromic System Integrated in a Polycarbonate Pane for an Automotive Application

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Heim, H.; Giesen, R.
Advances in Plastic Technology
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Electrochromic systems can change their colors, and, thus also, their transmission by applying a direct current [1]. The integration of a 5-layer electrochromic system in a polycarbonate frame is desirable in order to control the transmission of the pane. This application especially receives recognition in the automotive and construction sectors [2]. In addition and in contrast to a glass pane, a polycarbonate pane has a lighter weight and enables the manufacture of three-dimensional, complex components [3]. Therefore, the aim is to produce planar electrochromic systems inexpensively as functional panes, and to then make them threedimensional using a forming method, such as thermoforming or foil back injection The results of this research are presented in this report.

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