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Influence of particle characteristics and processing on material behaviour of a PMMA-Colloid-Compound 

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Sauer, V.; Heim, H.; Schneider, M.; Huber, K.
Polymer Processing Society Americas
Niagara Falls, Kanada
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This projects aims to create a new material group of transparent polymer compounds with improved mechanical properties. In order to achieve this, bulk material will be mixed with colloids made from the same monomer. Polymer colloids are spherical cross-linked molecules which can be penetrated by linear polymer chains and function as kinds of knots without real chemical cross-linking. The chemical similarity of the matrix and colloid should provide compatibility and preserve transparency. However, at present, the mechanical properties of such a compound have not yet been analyzed. In this case, PMMA is compounded with PMMA colloids. Afterwards, the influence of the colloid size, content and processing on the mechanical behavior and the distribution will be investigated.


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