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Beyond Description in Interpersonal Construct Validation: Methodological Advances in the Circumplex Structural Summary Approach

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Zimmermann, J.; Wright, A.
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The interpersonal circumplex is a well-established structural model that organizes interpersonal functioning within the two-dimensional space marked by dominance and affiliation. The structural summary method (SSM) was developed to evaluate the interpersonal nature of other constructs and measures outside the interpersonal circumplex. To date, this method has been primarily descriptive, providing no way to draw inferences when comparing SSM parameters across constructs or groups. We describe a newly developed resampling-based method for deriving confidence intervals, which allows for SSM parameter comparisons. In a series of five studies, we evaluated the accuracy of the approach across a wide range of possible sample sizes and parameter values, and demonstrated its utility for posing theoretical questions on the interpersonal nature of relevant constructs (e.g., personality disorders) using real-world data. As a result, the SSM is strengthened for its intended purpose of construct evaluation and theory building.

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