Einflussanalyse spezifischer Fertigungsparameter auf die Getriebeakustik im vierten Gang des DQ200-Getriebes der Volkswagen AG am Standort Baunatal

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Wittine, N.
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The aim
of the thesis was to reduce the acyclic fluctuating structure-borne noise of
the 4th transmission in the DQ200 gearbox of Volkswagen AG. To this end, the
teeth and process parameters were investigated, documented and analyzed via the
statistical method of regression. By doing so, the dressing of the honing ring
for the gear teeth honing process which is used to produce the 4th gearwheel
proved to be the decisive process parameter and showed a parabolic noise
characteristic. A laser microscopic analysis of the tooth flank showed a change
in surface texture in the form of extending cross directional grooves at the
pressure line. Due to the repeated dressing these lines move from below the
pitch circle to the outside. A comparison with the pressure line in the gearbox
showed that loud gearboxes are produced when the pressure lines overlap. A
process optimization requires the adaptation of the axis-crossing angle but due
to the coupling body on the 4th gearwheel, a short-term solution is not
feasible. Nevertheless, the findings in this report may be used to improve
similar manufactured gearwheels and other gearboxes, and aid in the development
of future products.

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