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Innovative Materials for Novel Concepts for Internal Heat Exchangers

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Rüppel, A.; Jähnig, D.; Giesen, R.; Vajen, K.; Heim, H.
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International Polymer Processing (IPP),
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Internal heat exchangers are often employed in solar thermal applications as well as in many other applications that involve heat, and, for the most part, consist of metallic materials (copper, stainless steel). Corrugated stainless steel tubes are easy to assemble, and are commonly used in various storage geometries. In order to significantly reduce costs, alternative materials, such as plastics, can function as excellent substitutes. Alternative heat exchangers for the following examinations using various materials and an extrusion process were produced. Subsequently, the heat exchangers were examined in regards to the heat they transfer. The heat transfer coefficient and the thermal conductivity of all materials were determined.

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