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CRISPR-Cas experiments for schools and the public

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Ziegler, H.; Nellen, W.

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The {\textquotedbl}gene scissors{\textquotedbl} CRISPR-Cas currently revolutionize the field of molecular biology with an enormous impact on society due to the broad application potentials in biomedicine, biotechnology and agriculture. We have developed simple CRISPR-Cas experiments that can serve to introduce pupils, students and non-scientists alike to the fascinating power of targeted gene editing. The experimental course is divided into two parts. In part 1, we target plasmid borne lacZ to convert blue E. coli to white E. coli. In part 2, we analyse the CRISPR-Cas9 mediated double strand breaks in the lacZ gene by a) colony PCR, b) colony cracking gel or c) restriction digest of the plasmids. Experimental work is embedded in short theoretical lecture parts that provide background of CRISPR-Cas and a step-by-step tutorial for the practical work. Though the experiment is robust, inexpensive and simple it should be noted that guidance by an expert instructor is required. Based on our experience, a full day lab course has a positive influence on the participants' attitude towards research in general. This is true for high school students as well as non-scientists (age groups 16-70 years).

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