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Cloud-Based Monitoring for SPDs using Advanced Measuring Methods for Lightning Disturbance

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Jörres, S.; Claudi, A.; Wetter, M.; Finis, G.; Sander, C.
11th Asia-Pacific International Conference on Lightning (APL)
Hong Kong
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11th Asia-Pacific International Conference on Lightning (APL)
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The increasing number of sensitive electrical equipment demands Surge
Protective Devices (SPDs) with major challenges and a high degree of
reliability. The enquiry for early-warning systems for unwanted and
unexpected equipment failure is strongly rising over the last years. The
integration of early warning systems as a condition monitoring in
Industrial Internet of Things (1IoT) is in contrast to most of the
common devices an unsolved subject in electric power distribution. This
paper presents an advanced measuring method for lightning disturbance
with cloud-based monitoring of SPDs. Due to an advanced bandwidth, this
device is capable of the simultaneous measurement of low-energy
Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI), high-energy lightning surge
currents and finally long duration currents with amplitudes of about 300
A over several milliseconds. Therefore a new type of a retrofittable
coreless current transformer has been developed. The induced signal is
converted with a wide dynamic range and a linear frequency response.
Results show that the signal is digitized with a high accuracy for the
monitoring of SPDs to permit condition-oriented and predictive
maintenance. The data transmission and storage is realized by a cloud
solution and offers storage and Big Data processing options. The
analysis allows an adaptation of iteratively improved aging models by
increasing records of overvoltage events.

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