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Use and efficacy of homeopathy in prevention and treatment of bovine mastits

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Zeise, J.; Fritz, J.

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Bovine mastitis is an important disease in dairy farming. As alternative
therapy to antibiotics, whose use is seen as increasingly critical,
farmer try to treat mastitis with homeopathy, for example. The present
study examined i) whether homeopathic treatments for bovine mastitis can
have positive treatment outcomes, ii) which treatments have been
successful and under which conditions, iii) indications for future
studies and applications for homeopathy to treat mastitis. 32 studies
published to date have been evaluated. Assessment criteria and a rating
score of 0 to 5 points were fixed for the appraisal. Healing and
prophylaxis of mastitis were the primary focus to highlight the
medication success and its framework for suitable mastitis therapy. The
top eight studies of this quality ranking were subjected to
differentiated evaluation. The selected studies showed a positive
treatment outcome of homeopathy. Due to the homeopathic effect and the
most used remedies in the selected studies, the medication should be
chosen according to the homeopathic drug picture. With homeopathic drugs
it was possible to reduce the antibiotic use by up to 75%. Some studies
indicated that homeopathy might have a positive long-term effect.
Furthermore, the results suggested a high self-healing ability in bovine

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