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Long- and Short-Term Tensile Strength and Morphology of Joined Beta- Nucleated Polypropylene Parts

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Wübbeke, A.; Schöppner, V.; Paul, A.; Tiemann, M.; Austermeier, L.; Fitze, M.; Chen, M.; Jakob, F.; Heim, H.; Wu, T.; Niendorf, T.; Röhricht, M.; Schmidt, M.
SPE ANTEC® 2020: The Virtual Edition

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This paper presents the results of static short-term and long-term tensile tests for beta-nucleated joined polypropylene samples by the hot plate welding process. In the present study different dimensionless joining displacements are accounted for. The results show that high short-term tensile strength does not directly transfer to high long-term tensile strength. The morphology of the weld seam in the joined samples is examined by means of transmitted and reflected light microscopy. For the dimensionless joining displacements of 0.75 and 0.95, stretched spherulites are obtained. X-Ray diffraction can be used as a tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis and eventually for differentiation of samples of various joining displacements.

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