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Identification and analysis of promising carbon capture and utilisation technologies, including their regulatory aspects (2019)
Turnau, S.; Jaspers, D.; Marxen, A.; Naims, H.; de Bruyn, S.; Bringezu, S.; Kaiser, S.; Gimnes Jarøy, A.; Porteron, S.; Ombudstvedt, I.; Ellingsen Gran, M.; Le Den, X.; Zotz, F.; Olfe-Kräutlein, B.; de Bruijne, E.
Influence of Inlet Drying Air Temperature and Milk Flow Rate on the Physical, Optical and Thermal Properties of Spray-Dried Camel Milk Powders (2019)
Ogolla, J.; Kulig, B.; Bădulescu, L.; Wandayi Okoth, M.; Esper, G.; Breitenbach, J.; Hensel, O.; Sturm, B.
Journal article
Internationaler Governance-Vergleich (2019)
Fromm, N.; Veit, S.
Contribution in edited book
Is cows’ qualitatively assessed behaviour towards humans related to their general stress level? (2019)
Ivemeyer, S.; Ebinghaus, A.; Simantke, C.; Palme, R.; Knierim, U.
Conference proceedings article

Industrie 4.0 und das Recht: Drei zentrale Herausforderungen

Hornung, G.; Hofmann, K.
Contribution in edited book
Influence of Electromagnetic Emissions of High Voltage Overhead Lines on GNSS-Components (2018)
Brockhaus, H.; Claudi, A.
Conference proceedings article
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