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Bis-3Ferrocenophanes with Central E-E'< Bonds (E, E'=P, SiH): Preparation, Properties, and Thermal Activation (2019)
Isenberg, S.; Weller, S.; Kargin, D.; Valić, S.; Schwederski, B.; Kelemen, Z.; Bruhn, C.; Krekić, K.; Maurer, M.; Feil, C.; Nieger, M.; Gudat, D.; Nyulászi, L.; Pietschnig, R.
Journal article
Blending CA with PBS to increase the bonding strength in two-component injection molding. (2019)
Klute, M.; Fuchs, J.; Heim, H.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
Board composition and corporate risk-taking: a review of listed firms from Germany and the USA (2019)
Younas, Z.; Klein, C.; Zwergel, B.; Trabert, T.
Journal article
Botanical Concrete: Novel Composites for Urban Greening (2019)
Polster, R.; Büscher, L.; Riehl, W.; Klussmann, H.
Conference proceedings article
Berufliche Sozialisation und berufliches Lernen (2020)
Clement, U.
Contribution in edited book
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