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Calciumsulfatgebundene Fließestriche mit verbessertem Feuchtewiderstand (1997)
Middendorf, B.; Budelmann, H.
Contribution in edited book
Calculation of inner-shell excitation in the collision system Ni-Pb (1997)
Anton, J.; Schulze, K.; Kürpick, P.; Sepp, W.; Fricke, B.
Journal article
Can pictures lie? (1997)
Nöth, W.
Contribution in edited book
Carrier Transport in InP-Based Lasers, Modulators, and Optical Switching Devices (1997)
Hangleiter, A.; Geiger, M.; Knorr, C.; König, P.; Ottenwälder, D.; Riedl, T.; Scholz, F.; Zimmermann, M.; Hillmer, H.; Steinhagen, F.; Burkhard, H.
Journal article
City-Life: Essays on Urban Culture (1997)
Paetzold, H.
Edited book
Coherent Control with Femtosecond Laser Pulses (1997)
Baumert, T.; Helbing, J.; Gerber, G.
Journal article
Columella (1997)
Schneider, H.
Contribution in edited book
Comprehensive Social Impact Assessment of MOX Use in Light Water Reactors. Final Report of the International MOX Assessment. (1997)
Roßnagel, A.; Barnaby, F.; Hokimoto, I.; Hosokawa, K.; Kamisawa, C.; Nishio, B.; Sailer, M.; Takagi, J.; Schnieder, M.
Authored book
Computerunterstütztes Lernen im Fachsprachenunterricht (1997)
Mitschian, H.
Contribution in edited book
Computing in Conceptual Data systems with relational structures (1997)
Stumme, G.
Conference proceedings article
Concentration-dependent effective masses of Tamm-states at the Cu(100)/Au surface alloy (1997)
Theilmann, F.; Matzdorf, R.; Goldmann, A.
Journal article
Conceptual design of multi-human machine interfaces (1997)
Johannsen, G.
Journal article
Coronin and vacuolin identify consecutive stages of a late, actin-coated endocytic compartment in Dictyostelium (1997)
Rauchenberger, R.; Hacker, U.; Murphy, J.; Niewöhner, J.; Maniak, M.
Journal article
CO Rydberg series converging to the CO⁺ D and C states observed by VUV-fluorescence spectroscopy (1997)
Ehresmann, A.; Machida, S.; Ukai, M.; Kameta, K.; Kitajima, M.; Kouchi, N.; Hatano, Y.; Ito, K.; Hayaishi, T.
Journal article
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