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The irrelevance of the choice-value thesis in economics. (2002)
Frank, B.
Contribution in edited book
The Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Heat Conduction in a Premature Infant (2002)
Breuss, M.; Fischer, B.; Meister, A.
Journal article
Theoretical description of the ultrafast ablation of diamond and graphite: dependence of thresholds on pulse duration (2002)
Jeschke, H.; Garcia, M.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
Theory for the optimal control of time-averaged quantities in quantum systems (2002)
Grigorenko, I.; Garcia, M.; Bennemann, K.
Journal article
Thermodynamic patterning of molecular glasses in electroluminescent and lasing devices (2002)
Fuhrmann, T.; Müller-Wiegand, M.; Georgiev, G.; Oesterschulze, E.; Spehr, T.; Salbeck, J.
Conference proceedings article
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