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Can sustainable consumption be learned? A model of cultural evolution (2008)
Bünstorf, G.; Cordes, C.
Journal article
Case study research on sustainable supply chain management - What evidence has been found? (2008)
Seuring-Stella, S.; Beske, P.; Gold, S.; Schreiber, J.
Conference proceedings article
Challenges and Examples of Mobile Direct Marketing (2008)
Wagner, R.; Klaus, M.
Chancen der Fruchtfolgeerweiterung im Energiepflanzenanbau durch das Zweikultur-Nutzungssystem. (2008)
Stülpnagel, R.; von Buttlar, C.; Heuser, F.; Wachendorf, M.
Contribution in edited book
Characterization of magnetic force microscopy probe tip remagnetization for measurements in external in-plane magnetic fields (2008)
Weis, T.; Krug, I.; Engel, D.; Ehresmann, A.; Höink, V.; Schmalhorst, J.; Reiss, G.
Journal article
Classifying Contemporary Marketing Practices (2008)
Wagner, R.
Conference proceedings article
Coaching von Unternehmerinnern (2008)
Möller, H.
Journal article
Coherent Control (2008)
Fielding, H.; Shapiro, M.; Baumert, T.
Journal article
Comparative overview of integrated, organic and sustainable agriculture (2008)
Miskovic, A.; Bacanovic, J.; Ilin, Z.; Markovic, V.; Markinovic, D.
Conference proceedings article
Comparing the impact of different compensation policies on collective land reclamation (2008)
Krebs, F.; Elbers, M.; Ernst, A.
Conference proceedings article
Compound Semiconductors (2008)
Dharmarasu, N.; Hillmer, H.
Contribution in edited book
Comprehensive microsystems (2008)
Gianchandani, Y.; Tabata, O.; Zappe, H.
Edited book
Computational Koszul Homology: Computations and Applications (2008)
Saenz de Cabezon, E.
Authored book
Computerized ability measurement: Some substantive dos and don’ts (2008)
Wilhelm, O.; Schroeders, U.
Contribution in edited book
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