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PASTHA: Parallelizing Stencil Calculations in Haskell (2010)
Lesniak, M.
Conference proceedings article
Past, Present, and Future Controls on Levels of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Global Environment (2010)
Nizzetto, L.; Macleod, M.; Borga, K.; Cabrerizo, A.; Dachs, J.; Di Guardo, A.; Ghirardello, D.; Hansen, K.; Jarvis, A.; Lindroth, A.; Monteith, D.; Ludwig, B.; Perlinger, J.; Scheringer, M.; Schwendenmann, L.; Semple, K.; Wick, L.; Zhang, G.; Jones, K.
Journal article
Pathways of nitrogen utilization by soil microorganisms - A review (2010)
Geisseler, D.; Horwath, W.; Joergensen, R.; Ludwig, B.
Patienteninteressen im deutschen Gesundheitswesen (2010)
Hänlein, A.; Schroeder, W.
Contribution in edited book
Paying more for added ethics -Organic Plus values and their relevance to consumers (2010)
Zander, K.; Padel, S.; Zander, K.; Zander, K.
Journal article
P-C bond formation via P-H addition of a fluoroaryl phosphinic acid to ketones. (2010)
Orthaber, A.; Albering, J.; Belaj, F.; Pietschnig, R.
Journal article
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