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Selbstkonzeptentwicklung im Anfangsunterricht (2013)
Kastens, C.; Gabriel, K.; Lipowsky, F.
Contribution in edited book
Selecting fast-folding proteins by their rate of convergence (2013)
Gridnev, D.; Ojeda May, P.; Garcia, M.
Journal article
Selective neuronal staining in tardigrades and onychophorans provides insights into the evolution of segmental ganglia in panarthropods (2013)
Mayer, G.; Martin, C.; Ruediger, J.; Kauschke, S.; Stevenson, P.; Poprawa, I.; Hohberg, K.; Schill, R.; Pflüger, H.; Schlegel, M.
Journal article
Sexualidades y géneros. Una perspectiva queer entre México y Alemania (2013)
Tuider, E.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
Short laser pulse nanostructuring of metals: direct comparison of molecular dynamics modeling and experiment (2013)
Ivanov, D.; Kuznetsov, A.; Lipp, V.; Rethfeld, B.; Chichkov, B.; Garcia, M.; Schulz, W.
Journal article
Sichere Internetwahlen. Ein rechtswissenschaftlich-informatisches Modell (2013)
Roßnagel, A.; Bräunlich, K.; Grimm, R.; Richter, P.
Authored book
Simulation-based long-term fault detection for solar thermal systems (2013)
de Keizer, A.; Küthe, S.; Jordan, U.; Vajen, K.
Journal article
Simulation based microstructural optimization of thermo-mechanically treated steel components (2013)
Brückner-Foit, A.; Stein, T.; Lütje, M.; Steinhoff, K.; Weidig, U.
Journal article
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