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Fächerverbindender Unterricht mit der Fremdsprache Englisch (2015)
Finkbeiner, C.
Contribution in edited book
Facial Affective Behavior in Mental Disorder (2015)
Peham, D.; Bock, A.; Schiestl, C.; Huber, E.; Zimmermann, J.; Kratzer, D.; Dahlbender, R.; Dahlbender, R.; Biebl, W.; Benecke, C.
Journal article
Familie im Kontext von Fluchtmigration ( (2015)
Lutter, E.; Westphal, M.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
Farmers taking responsibility for herd health development - stable schools in research and advisory activities as a tool for dairy health and welfare planning in Europe (2015)
Ivemeyer, S.; Bell, N.; Brinkmann, J.; Cimer, K.; Gratzer, E.; Leeb, C.; March, S.; Mejdell, C.; Roderick, S.; Smolders, G.; Walkenhorst, M.; Winckler, C.; Vaarst, M.
Journal article
Fast thermometry for trapped ions using dark resonances (2015)
Rossnagel, J.; Tolazzi, K.; Schmidt-Kaler, F.; Singer, K.
Journal article
Fatigue Strength Prediction for Titanium Alloy TiAl6V4 Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting (2015)
Leuders, S.; Vollmer, M.; Brenne, F.; Tröster, T.; Niendorf, T.
Journal article
Fatty acid profiles and antioxidants of organic and conventional milk from low- and high-input systems during outdoor period (2015)
Kusche, D.; Rübesam, K.; Baars, A.; Jahreis, G.; Kuhnt, K.; Rohrer, C.; Nierop, A.
Journal article
Fault Tolerance Schemes for Global Load Balancing in X10 (2015)
Fohry, C.; Bungart, M.; Posner, J.
Journal article
FC Bayern München Goes Social – The Value of Social Media for Professional Sports Clubs (2015)
Wulf, J.; Söllner, M.; Leimeister, J.; Brenner, W.
Conference proceedings article
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