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Functional Olfactory Sensory Neurons Housed in Olfactory Sensilla on the Ovipositor of the Hawkmoth Manduca sexta (2016)
Klinner, C.; König, C.; Missbach, C.; Werckenthin, A.; Daly, K.; Bisch-Knaden, S.; Stengl, M.; Hansson, B.; Grosse-Wilde, E.
Journal article
From Requirement to Design Patterns for Ubiquitous Computing Applications (2016)
Knote, R.; Baraki, H.; Söllner, M.; Geihs, K.; Leimeister, J.
Conference proceedings article
Formation and Temporal Evolution of Social Groups During Coffee Breaks (2016)
Atzmüller, M.; Ernst, A.; Krebs, F.; Flotmann-Scholz, C.; Scholz, C.; Stumme, G.
Contribution in edited book
Förderung adaptiver Strategiewahl durch verschachteltes Lernen? Die Interventionsstudie LIMIT in der Grundschule (2016)
Schupp, N.; Vogel, S.; Schwabe, J.; Pede, S.; Borromeo Ferri, R.; Lipowsky, F.
Conference proceedings article
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