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Regional Effects of University Funding: Excellence at the Cost of Regional Disparity? (2017)
König, J.; Brenner, T.; Bünstorf, G.
Journal article
Regular exposure to cowbells affects the behavioral reactivity to a noise stimulus in dairy cows (2017)
Johns, J.; Masneuf, S.; Patt, A.; Hillmann, E.
Journal article
Removing children from their families due to child protection in Germany (2017)
Haug, M.; Höynck, T.
Contribution in edited book
Report for Chambers of Commerce and Start-up Centres (2017)
Zulauf, K.; Wagner, R.; Sanchez Bengoa, D.; Kaufmann, H.; Trevisan, I.; Cubero-Dubinskaya, E.; Hagen, B.; Ganassali, S.; Papp, J.; Berkel, J.; van der Veen, G.; Rajala, A.; Hermannsdóttir, A.; Zink, L.
Research on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Systematic Review (2017)
Maroufkhani, P.; Wagner, R.; Wan Ismail, W.
Journal article
Response of piles under cyclic lateral loading – centrifuge tests (2017)
Niemann, C.; Tian, Y.; O'Loughlin, C.; Cassidy, M.; Reul, O.
Conference proceedings article
Response of soil microbial community to afforestation with pure and mixed species (2017)
Gunina, A.; Smith, A.; Godbold, D.; Jones, D.; Kuzyakov, Y.
Journal article
Revolutionieren Kryptowährungen die Zahlungssysteme? (2017)
Blocher, W.; Hanl, A.; Michaelis, J.
Journal article
Robotair (2017)
Hempel, M.; Wörner, M.; Letzing, S.; Hegenberg, J.; Herrmann, R.; Ziegner, D.; Schmidt, L.; Ordóñez Müller, A.; Günther, T.; Kroll, ,.; Barz, T.; Schulz, D.; Otto, P.; Mench, S.; Reutemann, C.; Weise, A.
Technical documentation
Robust Control for Voltage and Transient Stability of Power Grids Relying on Wind Power (2017)
Schaab, K.; Hahn, J.; Wolkov, M.; Stursberg, O.
Journal article
Rolle der Ablaufsimulation in Industrie 4.0: Aufgaben und Integration (2017)
Wenzel, S.; Jessen, U.; Stolipin, J.
Conference proceedings article
Rotational Spectroscopy of the NH3–H2 Molecular Complex (2017)
Surin, L.; Tarabukin, I.; Schlemmer, S.; Breier, A.; Giesen, T.; McCarthy, M.; van der Avoird, A.
Journal article
Rotatives Vibrationsschweißen (2017)
Jarka, S.
Authored book
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